Free cleaning program for your pc.....SWEDISH VERSION


1. Allways patch youre computer and have a functional Antivirus running on the computer.
There are a few basic warning signs that indicate that your computer may be infected here.

2. Test if youre antivirus program is working here
If youre antivirus program did NOT react on the test-file you don't have a funtional antivirus program.

3. Install a antivirus program (free antivirus programs to the left)

4. If you think you already have virus on youre computer try to scan with a one time-scanner (free one time-scanner to the left).

5. If you have virus on your computer, you can download a Bootable antivirus cd and boot the computer with it.
(free bootable cd's to the left)

6. Clean up the registry with a registry cleaner. (free registry cleaner to the left)

7. If you want to go deeper in the hunt for virus, go here.

* If you want to do a search for antispyware (there is some free antispyware programs to the left)
* Filter & Parentcontrol is also something that is very good to have. (there is free Filter & Parentcontrol to the left)
* Secure your browser, disable JavaScript.
* Avoid opening email attachments received unexpectedly.
* Instant Messaging is a frequent target of worms and Trojans.
* Avoid P2P and distributed file sharing (much virus there).

/Jorgen Bergstrom, Security technican at Cygate AB (Sweden)